Casa Cristina Abad, 1954

Casa Cristina Abad 1954 Ricardo Porro Nuevo Vedado   Porro’s house for Cristina Abad in the Nuevo Vedado employed curvilinear […]

Casa Viamontes

Martinez’s house for Manuela Ofelia Viamontes in the Reparto Biltmore is like a California case-study house situated in a large […]

Casa Farfante

Frank Martínez’ house of Isabel and Olga Pérez Farfante in Nuevo Vedado is really a duplex unit of two modern […]

Casa Eutimio Falla Bonet

The house in Miramar for the wealthy industrialist and philanthropist, Eutimio Falla Bonet (1905-1965), was the best example of Batista’s […]

Habana Hilton Hotel

Above the multi-level plinth, the rooms occupy twenty-one identical floors, each one identified by the deep balcony that protected its […]


Best known as the Arcos de Cristal, the central room of the Tropicana Nightclub in Marianao was an extraordinary synthesis […]

Nautical Club

Similar to the Tropicana in its use of expansive and sensuous forms is the Club Náutico in Playa, where Borges […]