Best known as the Arcos de Cristal, the central room of the Tropicana Nightclub in Marianao was an extraordinary synthesis […]

Anter Building

Edificio Anter Borges   For the Edificio Anter on a narrow lot in the Vedado, Borges used deep balconies to […]

Apartment Building Reynaldo Cué

Apartment Building Reynaldo Cué Humberto Alonso   With its pilotis, its shifted concrete balconies jutting out uphazardly, its wooden louvers […]

Apartment Building Indalecio Pertierra

Apartment Building Indalecio Pertierra Frank Martínez Justíz Miramar 1952 Frank Martínez Justíz displayed his rationalist mastery with the Edificio for Indalecio […]

José Martí National Library

The Biblioteca Nacional (José Martí National Library, 1955-57) is located in the Civic enter on the right side of the […]